The Pride and JOy

Our Companies

All our companies have a set of values to assist our employees in achieving their goals, as well as the company’s. They are the essence of the holding company’s identity.

We look forward to meeting you and involving you in our aspirations and efforts to make South Africa a better place for all who live in it.

UC Accountants

UC Accountants offer accounting, advisory and tax services. Our team of qualified practitioners are ready to enthusiastically support your business. They offer a collection of diversified experience and skills, which, fundamentally underscores our value offer.

We strategically and deliberately combine our human capacity with an exuberant appetite for best practice systems, innovation and compliance to offer you forward focussing and mindful professional-services support.

Carissa Plant Hire

We offer yellow plant hire solutions that are flexible and people orientated. Our approach brings price sensitivity, efficiency, and effectiveness to your doorstep.

We intend to improve our already premium quality standards, everytime we engage our clients. 

Carissa Financial Services

We are a reliable car hire, fleet management and funeral financial assistance solutions that strives on delivering premium quality standards. Continuous improvement is our motivation.

We offer our clients consultancy services at no cost and stretch our offering, through strategic partnerships where the need arises.

Umececeshi Events

We offer bespoke Event Management Solutions to an audience of well appreciated clients. Our offering is focused on funerals, corporate, public and private events, of all sizes. In addition, we rent out a variety of event equipment in a competitive rental offering.

Our focal points are to satisfy our clients by delivering events within budget, time, and most importantly, at the right standard. True professionalism is the standard by which our clients judge on.

Amahle Florists

At Amahle, we offer a Florist and Gifting service to commemorate and celebrate all occasions. Our offerings are bespoke and plush and conveniently delivered to you.

We cater to the discerning individual who values and appreciates good taste and exceptional service. Our services are further integrated into the entirety of The Origin Groups offerings seamlessly.

Dlalisa Moyeni Foundation

We are a duly incorporated Non-Profit Organization, based in South Africa’s capital city, Pretoria. The overall purpose of our work is to address social-ills in the South African society. We do this by creating programs that are intentionally rolled out to meet pre-set and impactful objectives.

We work in partnership with other stakeholders, which include, like-minded commercial institutions, associations with partnering non-profits, the public sector, and the South African public.

We believe that the “task ahead is always tough, but through purposeful execution and calculated momentum, the mission is achieved.”

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