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The Origin Group

We are a South African based Holdings Organisation. Our operating companies are in a diverse segment sphere and are proud Founders of all our operating companies.

Our growth occurred as a result of a well-defined integration strategy, combined with a longer-term investment approach.

About The Origin Group

We are a caring organisation. As such, we are involved in the upliftment of the socio-economic conditions of our community. We support the Dlalisa Moyeni Foundation. The Foundation’s core focus is to ensure that boys develop into responsible men and dignified leaders of society, who care for their families and contribute to their societies.

As a business, we are open to free trade and progressive trade. Our approach therefore includes project-based partnerships and joint ventures as well as start-ups equity-based investments. We look forward to hearing from you in this regard.

In our professional opinion, more often than not, organisations fail due to a lack of basic values and an appetite for compliance. Having started our business in the Accounting sector, we embrace rules, regulations and spirituality. This, we believe, form the real pillars of a business success.

Our Founders Bongani Skosana and Tumisang Skosana are principled individuals, and as such, translated these characteristics fully into our Group. We do not only practice hard work and trust, we also encourage others to do the same.

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Our Approach

We base our product and service offering on our fundamental business ethos, which is, well captured in our business values and governance charter.

Our service standards are designed to give our clients a satisfactory experience. Our businesses are modelled around the ultimate client experience, and it is exactly this sentiment that drives our mission to become a success.

Our Values

Our People

We enjoy the warmth of a family atmosphere. Ensuring staff-member job satisfaction and growth.

Staff happiness is a key value, enshrined in our business constitution.